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Current Range: 16 - 30 A

16 and 30A automatic transfer switch


Multi Switch ATS is an automatic transfer switch ensuring redundant power to equipment connected with 2 AC input sources. Automatically transfers the to a secondary source in the event of disruption to the primary feed.


Separate Input Power Sources

Input sources can be 2 mains supplies, 2 UPS (of different sizes) or a combination of both. 16A version has 8 IEC 10A and 1 IEC 16A sockets. 30A model has 4 IEC 10A and 1 IEC 16A sockets, plus a terminal board.

Protection Against Supply And Load Failures

Multi Switch ATS automatically switches the load to the secondary input when there’s a supply fault. If the sources are in phase, transfer is instantaneous (<8 msec) and if not in phase it takes less than 21 msec. A short circuit or load failure sees it immediately cut off any sockets connected to the load.  


  • For installations with 2 separate AC input sources (2 mains, 2 UPS, or a combination)

  • Choose from 16A or 30A versions

  • Automatically transfers from primary to secondary source

  • Designed for installation in 19-inch cabinets

  • Connectivity slot enables LAN connection and remote management

Brochures and data sheets

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Multi Switch ATS

16-30 A Automatic Transfer Switch

Technical specifications of the model

A compact 1U in height and available in 16A and 30A versions, Multi Switch ATS is an easy to use automatic transfer switch that delivers redundant power to multiple devices from 2 independent AC input power sources.

Protects against both load faults and power supply failures. Provides direct distribution from 2 input power sources (2x mains supply, 2x UPS, or a combination). Communications slots allow for easy LAN connections and remote management through software like PowerShield³.


Protects Multiple Devices

The 16 A model has 9 IEC sockets (8x 10A plus 1x 16A), while the 30A version incorporates 5 IEC sockets (4x 10A plus 1 x 16A) along with a terminal board for additional connections. This enables you to protect several devices without the need for extra PDUs.


Separate Input Power Sources

MTA connects from two input power sources, either 2 different mains supplies, 2 UPS systems (including UPS of various sizes/types), or a mix of mains and UPS. If there’s a failure with the primary input, it automatically switches to the secondary source.


Proven Protection Against Supply And Load Faults

If there’s a load failure (i.e. a short circuit), Multi Switch ATS immediately cuts off any of the sockets connected to the load. If there’s a power supply failure with the primary input source, it automatically switches the load to the secondary input. In cases where the 2 sources are in phase, the transfer is instantaneous (< 8 msec).

But even with non-synchronous supplies, the transfer is so quick that it won’t have any negative impact on the connected devices. Switching is comfortably below the 21 msec hold-up time outlined in the Server System Infrastructure (SSI) standard).