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Slot expander network card


MultiCom 392 is a communications card that provides 8 configurable dry contact outputs and up to 4 inputs to assist with monitoring and control of the UPS. 

Device is compatible with a broad range of Riello UPS models, including Multi Power, Multi Sentry, Sentryum, and our Central Supply Systems (CSS).


  • Enables the control and monitoring of the UPS

  • Provides 8 configurable dry contact outputs & up to 4 inputs

  • Suitable for use with wide range of Riello UPS products

  • Simple way to provide indication of UPS alarms and statuses

  • For use in conjunction with UPS software such as PowerShield³


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Multicom 392 User Manual EN


MultiCom 392 is a network card that easily enables you to control and monitor your Riello UPS uninterruptible power supplies.

It provides 8 configurable dry contact outputs, along with up to 4 inputs (depends on UPS model).

Each of the 8 outputs can be associated with an event such as an operating state or a UPS alarm condition. The outputs are configured via the UPS’s configuration software.

The device is compatible with the following Riello UPS series:

  • Multi Sentry
  • Sentryum
  • Multi Power
  • CSS - Central Supply Systems