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Technology & Innovation


Pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation have always been the hallmarks of Riello Elettronica and Riello UPS. Our uninterruptible power supplies are designed and manufactured at our facilities in Italy, ensuring we can maintain complete control over quality, reliability, and supply.

The success of our award-winning range of UPSs can be traced back to our dedicated R&D centre in Legnago, Italy. 

Launched in 2003 and home to some of the critical power protection industry’s finest and most creative minds, this state-of-the-art facility is a source of continuous improvement and invention.


How Is A UPS Made? Three Key Stages

Our R&D centre is divided into three distinct areas to support this intensive product development programme:

  • Design area: where initial ideas and concepts for new UPS products and components are developed and designed.
  • Experimental area: laboratories full of highly-sophisticated testing and measuring equipment that puts prototypes through their paces, with our technical experts analysing each and every result.
  • Test area: temperature-controlled environments where products are put through challenging examinations with actual ‘real-world’ loads.


It’s only when a Riello UPS product successfully completes this meticulously thorough process that it is ready to hit the market.

And it’s this unwavering commitment to excellence and quality that sees us deliver trailblazing technologies including the container-based PowerBox, the SuperCaps UPS (which use super capacitors instead of conventional batteries) and our range of intelligent, Smart Grid-ready UPS systems.