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10 May, 2023
Riello UPS Launches Multi Power2 For Modern Data Centre Infrastructures
The evolution of our modular UPS delivers smart, scalable, sustainable power to data centres and similar critical applications.

Multi Power2 builds on the huge success of the original Multi Power modular UPS, which has been reliably and efficiently protecting critical loads in thousands of installations over the past decade.

Our new solution will deliver even higher power density and ultra-high efficiency, whilst still providing the ‘pay as you grow’ scalability to minimise both upfront infrastructure investment and the total cost of ownership (TCO). 

Multi Power2 provides a highly flexible modular power solution that ensures business continuity in every operating condition and is a step forward in every aspect of the system, from the individual power modules to the entire UPS system architecture, passing through the Riello UPS’s Smart Modular Architecture (SMA), which is the result of a new design approach focused on a deep interconnection between all UPS components.

It features new 3U 67 kW power modules based on the latest silicon carbide technology (SiC) offering double the power density of previous generations. This enables the series to deliver ultra-high efficiency of up to 98.1% in online double conversion mode, minimising operating costs, energy losses, and cooling requirements whilst allowing for more compact, reliable, and robust solutions.

The new Multi Power2 range incorporates the 500 kW MP2 version, plus the scalable M2S solution, which is available in 1000-1250-1600 kW power ratings. Running 4 UPS in parallel enables installations of up to 6,400 kW to be protected.

The new UPS is designed in a way that eliminates any single point of failure. The modules are fully independent, hot-swappable, mechanically segregated to guarantee overall system reliability, with embedded selective disconnection at both the input and output stages.

Add in a range of configurations and frames, improved communications and networking functionality, and robust components to enhance reliability, and it’s clear Multi Power2 will become the perfect choice to provide smart, scalable, sustainable protection to data centres and other high-density computing environments.

Download the Multi Power2 brochure here or contact us for further information.



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Riello UPS Launches Multi Power2, the step forward in UPS Solutions for modern Data Center Infrastructures