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24 January, 2023
New Partnership With Host In Ireland
Riello UPS Ireland is delighted to become an official partner of the influential data centre industry collaboration.

Ireland’s data centre sector is one of the fastest growing in the world. Indeed, Dublin Metro Area is now Europe’s largest data centre market.

Host in Ireland is an influential industry body that brings together suppliers from across the data centre sector to work under a “spirit of collaboration” to increase awareness of how and why digital infrastructure from Ireland plays a unique role throughout the world.

The recently launched Riello UPS Ireland branch is proud to become a partner of Host in Ireland for 2023. Including Riello UPS Ireland, there are 10 new partners this year, taking the total to 54, the largest membership in the initiative’s history.

Host in Ireland helps its partner members to work together to raise the profile of the wider industry through a series of networking events and campaigns.

Host in Ireland also publishes several well-regarded research reports, including quarterly market updates, and annual studies about sustainability and sector employment.

As part of the partnership agreement, Leo Craig, Managing Director of Riello UPS Ireland, will sit on Host in Ireland’s Executive Council, while Barry Jarvis, Sales & Marketing Manager, takes a place on the initiative’s Marketing Council.

Barry will also become an ambassador for the Host in Ireland ‘DCs for Bees’ campaign, a biodiversity project that aims to bring together the data centre sector to help save Ireland’s declining bee population.